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Twitter Plugin
Main authors Tobias Diekershoff and Michael Vogel.
With this addon to friendica you can give your users the possibility to post their *public* messages to Twitter and
to import their timeline. The messages will be strapped their rich context and shortened to 280 characters length if
The addon can also mirror a users Tweets into the ~friendica wall.
To use this plugin you have to register an [application]( for your friendica instance on Twitter. Please leave the field "Callback URL" empty.
After the registration please enter the values for "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret" in the [administration](admin/plugins/twitter).
Where to find
In the friendica addon git repository /twitter/, this directory contains
all required PHP files (including the [Twitter OAuth library][1] by Abraham
Williams, MIT licensed and the [Slinky library][2] by Beau Lebens, BSD license),
a CSS file for styling of the user configuration and an image to _Sign in with
The _StatusNet Connector_ is licensed under the [3-clause BSD license][3] see the
LICENSE file in the addons directory.