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if(! function_exists("string_plural_select_de")) {
function string_plural_select_de($n){
$n = intval($n);
return ($n != 1);;
$a->strings["Androgyne"] = "Androgyn";
$a->strings["Bear"] = "Bär";
$a->strings["Bigender"] = "Bigender";
$a->strings["Cross dresser"] = "Cross Dresser";
$a->strings["Drag queen"] = "Drag Queen";
$a->strings["Eunuch"] = "Eunuch";
$a->strings["Faux queen"] = "Faux Queen";
$a->strings["Gender fluid"] = "Gender fluid";
$a->strings["Kathoey"] = "Kathoey";
$a->strings["Lady"] = "Lady";
$a->strings["Lipstick lesbian"] = "Lippenstift Lesbe";
$a->strings["Metrosexual"] = "Metrosexuell";
$a->strings["Monk"] = "Mönch";
$a->strings["Nun"] = "Nonne";
$a->strings["Soft butch"] = "";
$a->strings["Stone femme"] = "";
$a->strings["Tomboy"] = "Tomboy";
$a->strings["Transman"] = "Transmann";
$a->strings["Transwoman"] = "Transfrau";
$a->strings["Transvesti"] = "Transvestit";
$a->strings["Trigender"] = "Trigender";
$a->strings["Can't remember"] = "Kann mich nicht erinnern";
$a->strings["Hard to tell these days"] = "Schwer zu sagen dieser Tage";
$a->strings["Girls with big tits"] = "Mädels mit großen Brüsten";
$a->strings["Millionaires"] = "Millionäre";
$a->strings["Guys with big schlongs"] = "Typen mit großen Schwänzen";
$a->strings["Easy women"] = "Leichte Frauen";
$a->strings["People with impaired mobility"] = "Menschen mit eingeschränkter Mobilität";
$a->strings["Amputees"] = "Amputierte";
$a->strings["Statues, mannequins and immobility"] = "Statuen, Schaufensterpuppen und Unbeweglichkeit";
$a->strings["Pain"] = "Schmerzen";
$a->strings["Trans men"] = "Trans Männer";
$a->strings["Older women"] = "Andere Frauen";
$a->strings["Asphyxiation"] = "Asphyxiation";
$a->strings["In public"] = "In der Öffentlichkeit";
$a->strings["In danger"] = "In Gefahr";
$a->strings["Pretending to be male"] = "Gebe vor männlich zu sein";
$a->strings["Pretending to be female"] = "Gebe vor weiblich zu sein";
$a->strings["Breats"] = "Brüste";
$a->strings["Scat"] = "Kot";
$a->strings["Crying"] = "Heulen";
$a->strings["Nappies/Diapers"] = "Windeln";
$a->strings["Trees"] = "Bäume";
$a->strings["Vomit"] = "Kotzen";
$a->strings["Murder"] = "Mörder";
$a->strings["Fat people"] = "Fettleibige";
$a->strings["Feet"] = "Füße";
$a->strings["Covered in insects"] = "Mit Insekten bedeckt sein";
$a->strings["Turning a human being into furniture"] = "Menschen in Möbel verwandeln";
$a->strings["Elderly people"] = "Ältere Personen";
$a->strings["Transgender people"] = "Transgender Personen";
$a->strings["Criminals"] = "Kriminelle";
$a->strings["Stealing"] = "Stehlen";
$a->strings["Breast milk"] = "Muttermilch";
$a->strings["Immersing genitals in liquids"] = "Eintauchen von Genitalien in Flüssigkeiten";
$a->strings["Giants"] = "Riesen";
$a->strings["Masochism"] = "Masochismus";
$a->strings["Cars"] = "Autos";
$a->strings["Menstruation"] = "Menstruation";
$a->strings["Mucus"] = "Schleim";
$a->strings["Obscene language"] = "Obszöne Sprache";
$a->strings["Noses"] = "Nasen";
$a->strings["Navels"] = "Bauchnabel";
$a->strings["Corpses"] = "Leichen";
$a->strings["Smells"] = "Gerüche";
$a->strings["Buttocks"] = "Hintern";
$a->strings["Nonliving objects"] = "Leblose Objekte";
$a->strings["Sleeping people"] = "Schlafende Personen";
$a->strings["Urination"] = "Urinieren";
$a->strings["Eating people"] = "Essende Menschen";
$a->strings["Being eaten"] = "Verspeist zu werden";
$a->strings["Animals"] = "Tiere";
$a->strings["I'd rather just have some chocolate"] = "Ich bevorzuge eine Tafel Schokolade";
$a->strings["Married to my job"] = "Mit meinem Job verheiratet";
$a->strings["Polygamist"] = "Polygamist";
$a->strings["Half married"] = "halb verheiratet";
$a->strings["Living in the past"] = "In der Vergangenheit lebend";
$a->strings["Pretending to be over my ex"] = "Ich tue so, als wäre ich über meine(n) Ex hinweg";
$a->strings["Hurt in the past"] = "Früher einmal verletzt";
$a->strings["Wallowing in self-pity"] = "In Selbstmitleid wälzend";